colon cancer

Don’t ever trust that a doctor or nurse or insurance company representative will do the right thing or their best job for you.

Verify everything 

Never buy new golf clubs when you are just starting out. You end up with a bag of clubs hanging out at your house for the next 20 years. 

Things take up space and time. I don’t need 99 % of the things that I have. Please come buy most of it from me now. 



Holy smokes! It’s been a long time since I posted anything. 

Well, since then I have been a little busy keeping kelly alive. He is allergic to something in the chemo that stopped his breathing once then a week later they tried to do something different, that made him vomit until…he was in the ER 3 times and the hospital for 4 days. No more chemo. 

So now that I have you all up to date as far as the first of Decemberish. 

I drove us out to Burbank to see the doctors and get testing done so that he could have the operation to remove the ostomy. Yesterday they did a colonoscopy  (as much as possible) all pink healthy tissue inside. Whoo hoo!!

This morning kelly woke up having a real hard time getting a breath in. (COPD) It was diagnosed years ago though only treated with puffers and inhalers. Today I took him to St. Joseph hospital in Burbank, California. Guess what? They actually treated his COPD!!! I am so fed up with the doctors in Sierra Vista it isn’t funny. 

Those musing I spoke of. On the drive to California from Arizona I have a lot of time to think since kelly sleeps a lot. I think about all of the hard work it took to build the road systems and put in the telephone lines and the power lines. I think about all of the fortunes lost and won to build this Great Country. I think about how much a bit of tire looks just like a dead skunk from 50 yards away. 

Oh, btw…if you build a windmill farm, please plan to maintain the things. They don’t fix themselves. 

Chemo sucks 

After two chemo of three nearly killed Kelly. three ER visits, one ambulance ride, four days in the hospital, he is done with chemo. we are done with chemo.

I haven’t been able to get to work very often and am battling my own demon’s of depression from exhaustion and the feeling of being helpless.

The bills just keep piling up, the chores do too. Lovely friends offer to help in any way that they can but I am so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even begin to tell them where to start.

Sorry for the rant.

Love you all,



Today my husband starts chemo. We aren’t sure how to feel about it yet. I am sure that we will know more about it later on today. 

  1. The wait is part of the problem, just getting started has been a long road. All of this started in December of last year and it just keeps going on. He starts to feel better and then the Doctors need to do one more thing. 


Yesterday was supposed to be port day but, I have been fighting with Kelly’s surgical wound sight since July. I just couldn’t get the last quarter inch to heal up. We got all preped up for the port installation and the surgeon came in to look at the July surgical sight. She decided that it was too risky to operate. She called Dr. Sentovich  (July surgeon) to get permission to look into the old site. He, being the great doctor that he is, gave permission. Dr. Karges began changing orders and the new procedure was set.

Kelly went in to get the July surgery site cleaned up. I have orders to clean it out twice a day and pack it with saline 2×2’s. Dr. Karges is on my list of Doctor heroes, along with a few others. 

We thank God for so many things this year. I thank God for each and every day I get to spend time with my husband. 

Much Love 


Cancer is frightening enough then add in the insurance companies wanting this document and that. Oh, you didn’t send in one thing? Nix on the payments, but of course they don’t miss charging you. Now, some are better than others so don’t get me wrong. 

The long lines, the long waits.

Lifting luggage in and out of the car. Driving ten hours to get reasonable medical care. Being away from home for days and weeks at a time. 

Driving 10.5 hours with a cold and fever. 

Fun like no other. 


We are in Burbank today to go back to the city of hope. Kelly will get another scope of his bladder today and his wound checked. 

His wound is not completely healed, there is one internal stitch sticking out keeping it from healing up. 

Once that is healed he should be able to start chemo again. He will do that in Sierra Vista directed by the oncologist from the city of hope. 

I am looking forward to 2017, I kinda know that it will be an easier year.

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